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What is Bitcoin and how to participate in MMM using bitcoins?

It's more profitable, faster, and safer to provide help using bitcoins rather than traditional currencies.

Watch the video about Bitcoin's key advantages and find out why it's beneficial to use it while participating in MMM.




If you transfer money (provide help) via the Bitcoin (not a bank), you will receive a 3% bonus of the transferred amount.

Bitcoin Bonus is not frozen. It is available for withdrawal as soon as the recipient confirms the receipt of funds.



Bitcoin advantages

Bitcoin is an international electronic currency. This is a new form of money created on the basis of the program code.

Bitcoin is not owned by any state, companies or individuals.

Due to this, Bitcoin has become the world's first decentralized means of payment. Money transfers are made on the peer-to-peer principle — without intermediaries between the sender and the recipient.

Bitcoin advantages:

1. High safety level

No one can block a Bitcoin wallet. Bitcoin does not depend on central banks, local and international laws, religion and other things.

Banks and the government do not control your bitcoins — they are only available to you. The wallet is created anonymously. Cryptocurrency cannot be faked, and payments cannot be cancelled.

2. Cheap transactions anywhere in the world

Transfer fees do not depend on the amount or location. They make up less than US$1 (regardless of the amount). You can transfer money to anyone from anywhere in the world.

3. Convenience

Unlike bank transactions, bitcoin transactions may be carried out on a 24/7 basis. You can decide independently when to transfer money.

4. Instant transfers

Bank transfers take 3–5 working days on average. The speed of transfers via Bitcoin is a few seconds, or, when you are dealing with large amounts of money, — 10–60 minutes.

5. Protection against inflation

National currencies depreciate annually by 1–20 % (sometimes more). Bitcoin is backed by a limited number of units (21 million) and protected against inflation.

Cryptocurrency is becoming more and more popular, since people do not spend money on fees and instantly exchange money. In the future, the world national currencies will be merged in a single digital Bitcoin currency! MMM and Bitcoin have a similar vision: they strive to overthrow social inequality, free people from the banks’ oppression and make the world a more just place.



If you're new to Bitcoins you can find out how to create a Bitcoin account and how to buy and sell Bitcoins from this handy guide.


  1. Blockchain
  2. Unocoin
  3. Zebpay






How to create a Bitcoin wallet?




1.1 Go to www.blockchain.info On the main page click on WALLET (1) and then Click on CREATE A FREE BITCOIN WALLET (2)




1.2. You will be redirected to a new Sign-in page. Enter the asked details like you Email-ID - Password - Confirm Password. Then Click “Continue”
(You will get a welcome message and...WELCOME TO THE Blockchain.info wallet.




1.3. Next step you need to do is Go on you email address you will receive a Email from BLOCKCHAIN.info to verify your email-id (1). And copy this wallet identifier id for login (2).




1.4.Now Enter your wallet identifier password and click “Sign In”.





1.5. As you will try to LOG-IN a login link will be sended to you on your registered Email-Id. You have to click on the confirmation link. Confirm it by clicking this link. Your login is successful.
Registration is done, congratulations!



2. How to receive Bitcoin




2.1 Login to your Blockchin.info wallet and click “Receive” button on the dashboard.




2.2. Copy your bitcoin address and give it to payer.



3. How to find out your Bitcoin wallet address




3.1 Click “Receive” button on the dashboard.




3.2. In this popup you can see the bitcoin wallet address. You can copy or scan the QR CODE to share your bitcoin wallet.



4. How to send Bitcoin




4.1. Click “Send” button on the dashboard.




4.2. Enter payment details

  1. Bitcoin address of receiver
  2. amount you want to send
  3. small description (if you want)
  4. click “Next step” button




4.3. Check it carefully and Confirming your transaction by clicking “Send” button



5. How to protect your wallet



(Level 1)



5.1.First step is email verification (should be done during registration process )

5.2. Chose “BACKUP SECURITY PHRASE” and then click on “BACKUP PHRASE”




5.3. Print your RECOVERY sheet and then click on “NEXT STEP”.




5.4. If you do not have printer you can write down 12-Character Security Phrase somewhere securely and then Click on “FINISH STEP”. (You will need this data if password recovery will require. Keep it in secret!)



(Level 2)



5.5. Link your mobile number with your BLOCKCHAIN.info wallet. Then click “Save”




5.6. Enter verification code which was sended via SMS and click “Verify”




5.7. Click on ENABLE TWO STEP and again click on ENABLE.




Your 2-Factor Authentication is activated.



Level 3



5.9. Enable the following option to prevent IP address that are known to be part of Tor anonymizing network from accessing your wallet. Click “Block Tor Requests” and then click “Block”



6. Methods for password recovery




6.1. Login as you usually do. Then click View Options




6.2. Click on I have lost my password (RECOVER FUNDS)




6.3. Enter your recovery phase and click “Continue”.




6.4. Enter your email and new password and click “Recover founds”. Welcome back your account is now active again enter your wallet and new password to login






How to Create a Bitcoin Wallet on www.unocoin.com?




1.1 To create an account with Unocoin, visit ww.unocoin.comand then:

  1. click Sign Up,
  2. enter your e-mail Id
  3. desired password
  4. verify the captcha by clicking you are not a robot.
  5. Click Sign Up




1.2. Please check your mailbox folder for the link. If that link is not present there, please check your junk folder. Click on the link provided in the mail.




1.3. You will be redirected to the Unocoin website. Please accept the Terms and Conditions by clicking “I Accept”. After that you will see Registration successful pop up.




1.4.Edit your profile details by clicking:

  1. Click Account Settings. Next open Profile
  2. Stеp №1 Enter your personal details like Name , Mobile number, Pan card number, Full residential Address, State,city and pincode.
  3. Click Next




Step №2 Upload your necessary documents which are -- PAN CARD , Photo, Address Proof(It can be Aadhar Card, Driving License, Passport or Utility Bill).Click Next.




Step №3 Check all info, if it is correct press Save Documents button to confirm your details.




1.5. Once the Verification Process is over, your status will appear as verified instead of pending status in the beginning. You can see it on the Dashboard. Now you can access your Bitcoin Wallet, Where you can buy, sell and check your Bitcoin balance



How to buy bitcoin




2.1 In your Dashboard, Please click on Buy Bitcoin.




2.2 Make the following action:

  1. enter the desired Bitcoin you want to purchase.
  2. you will see the corresponding INR amount and fee levied upon you while purchasing the Bitcoin.
  3. click on Buy Bitcoin.




2.3 You will get a prompt Stating your desired Bitcoin amount, Please click on Yes.




2.4 Your purchase process is done. You can see your balances in your Dashboard



How to Deposit INR to unocoin.com account




3.1 Login to your unocoin.com account. In the Dashboard and Under your “INR Wallet”. Click on “DEPOSIT” tab.




3.2 Depositing process:

  1. Enter the INR amount you want to Deposit and your Current Date.
  2. Click Deposit (click on YES and OK on next pop up)
  3. You may go ahead and deposit the money into our account through RTGS-NEFT-IMPS using Unocoin Bank Account Details




3.3 After depositing the money turn back to Unocoin page (>>Dashboard >>Indian Rupees >>Deposit) and find out your Deposit request. Click Ref no.




3.4. Update the Reference Number provided by the Bank. And click on SUBMIT.
After that the process is complete for depositing from your end. Unocoin will show the deposit amount into your wallet as Unocoin will receive the amount in its bank account.



How to find out Bitcoin wallet address?




4.1 Log in to your unocoin.com account

4.2 In the Dashboard Under the Bitcoin section, Click on the “Deposit Bitcoin”.




4.3 You I’ll be redirected. Where your UNOCOIN Bitcoin Address is displayed.

4.4 Give this address to the payer. Bitcoins added to this address will be deposited in your Wallet.



5. How to sell Bitcoins




5.1 In your Dashboard, Please click on the Sell Bitcoin. You can Sell Bitcoin only when you have sufficient balance in your BTC Wallet.




5.2 Please click on account settings. After that click on Add bank account




5.3 Enter your bank details, Account Holder Name, Account Number, IFSC Code and Nick Name. Click on Add




5.5 Please enter the Btc amount you want to sell and click Sell Bitcoins. (press YES on pop up)



6. How to send Bitcoins




6.1 Go to the Dashboard Under the Bitcoin Section. Click on Send/Withdraw Bitcoin.




6.2 Now you must enter the payment details:

  1. destination where your Bitcoin must reach (bitcoin address of receiver) You can select “Enter the address” “Address Book”.
  2. enter your number of Bitcoin or enter the amount in INR you want to send
  3. you can also write a message to identify the transaction in future.
  4. please click on SEND MONEY.



7. How to withdraw money




7.1 Once you Withdraw INR from your Unocoin Wallet, the proceedings will be sent to your Bank Account. If you have not added your Bank account,then

  1. go to Account Settings
  2. Bank account section
  3. click on Add Bank Account.




7.2 Enter your bank details, Account Holder Name, Account Number, IFSC Code and Nick Name. Click on Add




7.3. Now go to your Dashboard and Select Withdraw under your INR Wallet.




7.6 On Withdraw INR page:

  1. enter the amount you want to withdraw
  2. select the Bank Account you want your INR to be Deposited in.
  3. Click WITHDRAW. And Confirm the Transaction.(Click YES on pop up)



8. How to protect your wallet




8.1 Best way to protect your unocoin.com wallet is 2-Factor Authotantification.To activate 2-Factor Authentication go to:

  1. Security option In the “DASHBOARD”
  2. Click on 2-Factor Authentication




8.2 Read the Instructions carefully and Click on “ENABLE”. (Click Yes on pop up)




8.3 Click on “ACTIVATE”.




8.4 The displayed page has a 16 Digit code and a QR-Code. Install Google Authenticator on your Mobile Phone and scan the Barcode.




8.5 Now in GOOGLE AUTHENTICATOR on your phone, click on ‘BEGIN SETUP’.




8.6 Now, click on ‘SCAN QR CODE’




8.7. Now SCAN QR CODE with your cellphone device as its is shown.




8.8. After which a 6-Digit code or a secondary password will be generated after every 30 Seconds.




8.9. Now enter the code on system which is shown in the cell phone and click Done. (Click OK on pop up)




8.10. Now You have activated the 2-Factor Auth on your UNOCOIN Account. Click Save.




8.11. Now login into your UNOCOIN account enter your email-id, password and your secondary password.



9. Methods for password recovery.




9.1. If you forgot your Password you can recover it. To do it follow next steps:

  1. click on Sign In
  2. click on ‘FORGOT PASSWORD’.




9.2. A pop up box will open, enter your mail id there and then click on ‘FORGET PASSWORD’




9.3. Now complete captcha and click on ‘RESET’. After that you’ll get a msg that password recovery mail sent to your mail id, check inbox.




9.4 Open mail received from UNOCOIN and click on link given for password recovery.




9.5 You’ll be redirected to UNOCOIN website for new password, enter your new pass you wanna set and clicl on RESET PASSWORD. Now login with your mail id and new password and proceed.






1. How to create a Bitcoin wallet on Zebpay




1.1. To get started with Zebpay you have to to download it to your mobile. Visit PLAY MARKET or APP STORE, type “Zebpay” in the searching field, find Zebpay app, download and INSTALL the applications in your phone. Then open Zebpay app.






1.2. Provide your mobile number and press Verify button. Zebpay will send you SMS message with one time verification code.






1.3 Verification goes automatically after receiving verification SMS and you will see appropriate notification that your Phone number verified. Then you have to press Setup account PIN button




1.4. Setup a pin for your Zebpay Account and CONFIRM it.






1.5. Next step is enter your Name and Email and press Next button




1.6 Now your account is Activated. Welcome to your Zebpay Wallet.




1.7. Now you have to add to add your account details and other required documents

  1. go to Options
  2. click on VERIFICATION and you will see a new screen.
  3. enter your personal data as required
  4. scan or email your PAN CARD, it will take 24hrs (Working).






1.8. Add your BANK DETAILS and SUBMIT it. It will take 24hrs (Working) to get it verified, you will see APPROVED check mark. Your registration is done!









2.1. Open the Zebpay app on your Mobile Phone.

2.2. Click on ( + ) below right corner at the main page of App. As you will click a pop-up will appear on your screen. Click on BUY/SELL BITCOINS.




2..3 Enter the amount you wish to buy and click “Buy” button. Hence You are done wait for 1 working day. The Bitcoins will be transferred to your Zebpay Wallet. Then you can transfer it anywhere you want to. You can also see your Wallet history in ACCOUNTS.




2.4. After that you’ll get a notification that transaction has been done for buying BTC.



3. How to deposit INR




3.1 Click on ( + ) below right corner at the main page of App (1). As you will click a pop-up will appear on your screen click “INR account” (2). On the new screen click “Deposit” (3)






3.2. Enter amount you want to deposit and then click on on “Deposit”. (Your order number and a Purchase Invoice will be generated.)




3.3. The next step you have to do is to make the payment into the Zebpay Account & And account details will be provided to you on the same page. Do Remember that you can only do payment through NEFT-RTGS-IMPS (No Cash Deposit).




3.3. Next what you have to do is. When you make the payment into our account. You have to provide us with the payment reference number provided by your Bank. Or you can upload the screenshot also. As you do it Click on OK




3.4. After giving reference number they’ll match the transaction and you’ll get fund in your ZEBPAY Rs. account as shown below.



4. How to find out your Bitcoin wallet address




4.1. Go to Options and click on “My addresses”




4.3 Here you can see your bitcoin address (1). You also can copy (2) or share (3) using appropriate buttons.



5. How to Sell bitcoin in zebpay




5.1. Go to your Zebpay App and follow next steps:

  1. click '+'
  2. go to “buy / sell bitcoins”.
  3. on the top bar select 'Sell'
  4. enter number of bitcoin you want to sell
  5. click “Sell”

(Enter 4-digit PIN to confirm the transaction)
The amount shall be credited to your Rs account and the transaction will be seen in the history. You can keep the amount in your Rs account to buy bitcoins instantly at anytime in future or withdraw to your bank account.





6. How to send Bitcoin payment




6.1. Go to your Zebpay App and follow next steps:

  1. click on the '+' button
  2. click on “Send / receive bitcoins”
  3. click on the icon for “send bitcoins” on top
  4. enter number of bitcoin you want to sell
  5. click on the icon to add a new bitcoin address






6.2. Now you have to enter payment details:

  1. scan the bitcoin address QR code or paste it
  2. add name for the bitcoin address
  3. click on the tick mark icon
  4. click on the “currency icon” to enter the amount in local currency or bits (1 bitcoin = 1,000,000 bits)
  5. enter the amount
  6. Click “Send"






6.3. Enter your 4 digit PIN to confirm the transaction (1), after entering the pin you’ll see your transaction panel (2).





7. How to withdraw money




7.1. Login in Zebpay app then click on ‘+’ icon and then click on Rs, account.






7.3. After that enter amount how much you wanna withdraw and click on ‘WITHDRAW’, you’ll receive fund in your linked bank account.



8. How to protect your wallet




8.1 Сlick on 3 Bars in right corner to open your Account Options (1). Go to “Settings” and you can setup your account with reset of the additional settings and securities.




8.2. What can you do here to make your Zebpay more safety and convenient:

  1. Change BITS to BTC. (perhaps it will be more comfortable for you)
  2. You can change PIN by opting for Change PIN, it’ll take 24 hours to set your new PIN.
  3. By choosing PIN LOCK option you can lock your ZEBPAY app, from next time you’ve to enter your PIN to open Zebpay app.
  4. By choosing ‘lock outgoing bitcoin transactions’, you can enable lock for outgoing btc transaction, it means that you can send btc only after entering OTP sent to the mobile number linked with the account.



9. Methods for pin recovery




9.1. Go to n open http://www.zebpay.com/





9.2. To contact support, follow these steps:

  1. click on Submit a request (the request submission page will be opened)
  2. fill your details
  3. mention that you forgot your pin and wanna reset and mention your mobile number there.
  4. click “Submit”

(They will reset your PIN. For security, they will also suspend your account for 24 hours.)